Three Magic Words


Three Magic Words presents a simple but profound truth: we can shape the outer world by shaping our inner thoughts. Instead of being controlled by circumstances, we can become architects of our reality by harnessing the power of consciousness itself.

Throughout the book, U. S. Andersen illustrates this principle with meditations to help you reframe difficult situations and cultivate liberating thoughts. He also empowers you to:

• understand the true relationship between mind and matter
• free yourself from limiting beliefs
• program your thoughts for success
• tap the power of the subconscious mind
• develop your innate intuitive abilities

As Andersen puts it, this book is “aimed at revealing to you your power over all things. You will learn that there is only one mover in all creation, and that mover is thought.”


“A spiritual classic that was far ahead of its time. . . . With its unequivocal message of spiritual empowerment, Three Magic Words can hand you the key to awakening and to a life of peace, potency, and success on whatever level.” — from the foreword by Eckhart Tolle, bestselling author of The Power of Now


Originally published in 1954, Three Magic Words is a spiritual classic that was far ahead of its time. It introduced readers to several concepts that are now entrenched in the mind-body-spirit lexicon: the law of attraction, the power of affirmation, and the interconnectedness of all beings, which author U. S. Andersen attributes to what he calls “the Universal Mind.” According to Andersen, “the Universal Mind is a vast and all-encompassing mental and spiritual being in whom all things and events exist.”

This Universal Mind or Consciousness is a divine cosmic intelligence, the organizing principle that underlies the evolution of all life-forms throughout the universe.

It is the “logos” of ancient Greek philosophy, the “Tao” that is the essence of Chinese spirituality. Human consciousness can be seen as a ray, so to speak, of this Universal Consciousness. Our purpose is to become aware of this power and thus align ourselves with it so that it can express itself as fully as possible in our lives.

How do you do that? By learning to sense it in the depth of your being, which implies going beyond thoughts and sensory perceptions and becoming aware of what remains, namely consciousness itself, your essence-identity, as I call it. Andersen sometimes terms it “the Secret Self.”

If you read this book attentively, you will probably get, at the very least, glimpses of this realization as you read. There is a power here that transcends words and concepts. You can actually sense the living truth to which the words point! 

Like Andersen’s later book, The Magic in Your Mind, which we also recently published in the Eckhart Tolle Editions imprint, this book’s pages are not only full of potentially life-changing insights, but convey the transformative power of the author’s own spiritual realization. Three Magic Words, however, has an added dimension in that it contains meditations designed to be practiced for ten minutes daily. Given at the end of each chapter, they distill the messages “so that they can manifest into actuality,” as Andersen puts it (see page 24). If practiced rightly, these meditations can be very powerful. You may want to read them aloud if possible. It will also be helpful to copy them slowly in a notebook and speak them at the same time. (Further instructions for their use are given by the author at the end of chapter 1.)

This edition has been lightly edited to make it more accessible to modern readers. The primary aim of these revisions has been to eliminate the use of man/men and masculine pronouns to refer  to all human beings, and to replace them with inclusive, gender-neutral terms.

With its unequivocal message of spiritual empowerment, Three Magic Words can hand you the key to awakening and to a life of peace, potency, and success on whatever level.

“You will learn,” writes Andersen, “of the unlimited power that is yours. You will learn how you can turn this power to work for you, here on earth, to make your life majestic and overflowing with good” (see page xii). And by accessing this power, may you contribute to the awakening of human consciousness that is so desperately needed.

— Eckhart Tolle