In Challenging Times, Deepen Presence

Free Teachings and Meditations from Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng

Build Your House on the Rock

Eckhart quotes and interprets a teaching from the Bible about how to stay present during fearful situations. He then leads us in a guided meditation about how to dig deep and remain rooted in our Being.

Compassion for Our Evolution with Kim

Kim takes us through a teaching on how we are the evolution of consciousness on the planet right now. She shows how we can then have compassion for the unconsciousness in others.

Eckhart Tolle on Racism, Ego, and Awareness

Eckhart calls racism “a dysfunction of the human ego.” In this video, he explains that statement and offers his perspective on how we can join together to be “conscious forces for good” as we work to end racism.

A Teaching from Eckhart on Transcending Fear

In this video, Eckhart answers how we manage any fearful thoughts we might have about losing our job, money, getting sick, or the fear of something happening to a loved one. He also shows us how we can turn our attention away from any fearful thinking and focus on the inner body and deepening into the present moment.


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There Is Another Way

Eckhart shares an important practice for this challenging time that allows us to rise above our thoughts about external circumstances and access a deeper dimension of ourselves.

Inner-Body Meditation

Becoming Aware of Awareness

Daily Meditation with Eckhart