The Foundation of Manifestation

By Eckhart Tolle

Many people have a sincere desire to help raise the consciousness on the planet. I often hear from individuals who say, for example, that they want to manifest an innovative business that can change the world in some way or other. That is good—but if you want to manifest consciously, you have to start with the right foundation.

The foundation for all conscious doing is conscious being. That’s the important realization when it comes to the question of manifestation. What does it mean to have a foundation in being? It means you are rooted in stillness, in the transcendent dimension—the formless, the eternal. Is it possible to reconcile the awareness of inner stillness and being and the outward pull toward action and doing? I would say that it is, and that is our challenge at this time.

So, before a person begins manifesting or creating something, that person needs to find his or her timeless and formless essence identity. That’s the foundation. If that isn’t there, forget about manifesting or creating. You’ll just create more trouble.

 When you can stay connected with being while you do, then whatever you do is conscious doing, conscious creation. This is a more powerful, very different kind of doing. But the foundation comes first, and remains primary. (Ultimately, being needs to remain primary in your life whether or not you are engaged in a lot of doing.)

It may well be that a new stage is arising on the planet—the stage where, through the human form, there’s a possibility for the universe to create consciously. It is exciting to consider that human beings can fully realize their creative power—which is as vast and unlimited as the universal creative power, because you and the universe are not separate. You are an aspect of the universe. You are the universe, expressing itself as this form.

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