Practicing the Power of Now

By Eckhart Tolle


Since it was first published in 1997, The Power of Now has already had an impact on the collective consciousness of the planet far beyond anything I could have imagined.  It has been translated into fifteen languages, and I receive mail from around the globe every day from readers who tell me that their lives have been changed through coming into contact with the teaching embodied in the book.

Although the effects of the insanity of the egoic mind are still visible everywhere, something new is emerging.  Never before have so many people been ready to break out of collective mind-patterns that have kept humanity in bondage to suffering since time immemorial.  A new state of consciousness is emerging.  We have suffered enough!  Even at this moment it is emerging from within you, as you hold this book in your hands and read these lines that speak of the possibility of living the liberated life, in which you no longer inflict suffering on yourself or others.

Many of the readers who wrote to me expressed a wish to have the practical aspects of the teachings contained in The Power of Now presented in a more readily accessible format, to be used in their daily practice.  That request became the impetus for this book.

In addition to the exercises and practices, however, this book also contains some shorter passages from the original work that can serve as a reminder of some of the ideas and concepts and can become a primer for incorporating those concepts daily.

Many of those passages are particularly suitable for meditative reading.  When you practice meditative reading, you do not read primarily to gather new information, but to enter a different state of consciousness as you read.  This is why you can re-read the same passage many times, and every time it feels fresh and new.  Only words that were written or spoken in a state of presence have this transformative power, which is the power to awaken presence in the reader.

These passages are best read slowly.  Many times you may want to pause and allow for a moment of quiet reflection, or stillness.  At other times, you may just open the book at random and read a few lines.

For those readers who felt daunted or overwhelmed by The Power of Now, this book can also serve as an introduction.

—Eckhart Tolle