Day 4: Presence in Relationships: Dealing with Difficult People

Today’s Practice: Become More Awake

As soon as you notice somebody close to you who is being drawn into deep unconsciousness and identification with the pain-body, your spiritual practice is to heighten Presence. The intensity of Presence needs to arise so that you can counteract the deep, powerful pull of unconsciousness from the other person’s pain-body, which wants an emotional reaction from you.

Whenever there is a pull of unconsciousness in a situation, your practice is to become more alert and awake—like the light of Presence is being turned up. No matter what the challenge may be, rather than being pulled into unconsciousness, you intensify Presence.

Eckhart Tolle

Evening Session

Join Eckhart for a teaching on dealing with adversity and challenging people. Whenever something goes wrong, you can either react against it (which is a dysfunctional state of mind) or you can stay in complete alignment with what is happening in the present moment. In this way, one is able to sense the fullness of life and go deeper into Presence regardless of what other people do or say.