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Over time, and since the release of The Power of Now, Eckhart’s entry into the space of spiritual teaching has been a source of interest for many people. Further interest was developed following Eckhart’s teaching webcast with Oprah Winfrey. This page provides an assembly of some of the articles written about Eckhart’s journey as well as interviews with him. Please enjoy these links, and learn more about Eckhart’s life and teachings.


Relationships - True Love and the Transcendence of Duality
By Kim Eng

During my travels, one of the most frequently asked question is “What is it like to be in relationship with an enlightened being?” Why this question? Perhaps they have the idea or image of an ideal relationship, and want to know more about it. Perhaps their mind wants to project itself to a future time when they, too, will be in an ideal relationship and find themselves through it.

The Book That Isn't
By By Neale Donald Walsch, Review of STILLNESS SPEAKS

Must we fully engage the thinking mind in order to perceive words on a page?
Eckhart Tolle challenges us to "watch the thinker" even as we read.

What I Know for Sure

Spirituality for me is recognizing that I am connected to the energy of all creation, that I am a part of it and it is always a part of me. Whatever label or word we use to describe "it" doesn't matter. Words are completely inadequate.

The Power of Now and the End of Suffering
By Tami Simon, SOUNDS TRUE

For two years, a small man sits quietly on a park bench. People walk by, lost in their thoughts. One day someone asks him a question. In the weeks that follow there are more people and more questions. Word spreads that the man is a "mystic," and has discovered something that brings peace and meaning into our lives. It sounds like fiction, but today that man, Eckhart Tolle, is known worldwide for his teachings on spiritual enlightenment through the power of the present moment. His first book, The Power of Now, is an international bestseller, and has been translated into 17 languages. More than 20 years have passed since Eckhart Tolle answered his first question on that park bench. While his audience has grown, his message remains the same: that it is possible to stop struggling in your life, and find joy and fulfillment in this moment, and no other.

Peace Summit with the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, and Nobel Laureates
By Catherine Ingram, THE HUFFINGTON POST

You know you're in a pretty hip city when its main newspaper's weekend edition has the Dalai Lama as its guest editor, along with his big smiling mug taking up most of the front page. The theme of the special edition of The Vancouver Sun this past weekend was "Educating the Heart," a catalogue of mostly good news and good works: youth activism, global organizations addressing the plight of the poor and oppressed, spiritual travel based on inner journeys, alternative health, animal rights, ethical business, and a focus on whether and how values of kindness and peace can permeate society. Reading this paper was not boring, as so many do-gooder publications tend to be, and left me in a quiet calm instead of the usual anxiety I feel after reading the usual news. The medium was certainly the message.

Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
By Kathy Juline, SCIENCE OF MIND

Eckhart Tolle's first bestseller, The Power of Now, has riveted readers with its enlightened insights. Staying in the present moment, he says in that book, is the way to eliminate the suffering created through identifying with the mind. In his latest book, A New Earth, Tolle continues his theme of present moment awareness, elaborating on it with his unique clarity and depth, and he also explores how an awakened consciousness aligns us with our life purpose. We have both an inner and an outer purpose, according to Tolle. Our outer purpose changes with circumstances and necessarily involves time, whereas our inner purpose remains always the same: It is to be absolutely present in whatever we do and so let our actions be guided and empowered by awareness, the awakened consciousness, rather than controlled by the egoic mind. We fulfill our destiny and realize our purpose when we awaken to who we are: conscious Presence.

The Awakening of Eckhart Tolle

On a recent visit to Unity Village, best-selling author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle opened up to talk about his life, his awakening and the teachings that are changing the world.

An Interview with Kim Eng
By Marit van der Meulen

Spirituality month started with a lecture from the best-selling author Eckhart Tolle, known for his books ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘A New Earth’, among other things. He visited the Netherlands with his partner Kim Eng who held a workshop 'Presence through movement' while she was here. Who is the woman who stands next to Eckhart and what can we expect to hear from her in future?

The Bedsit Epiphany
By Oliver Burkeman, THE GUARDIAN (UK)

Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey's favourite guru, has sold more books than almost any other spiritual author. So what's his Easter message?

Oprah talks to Eckhart Tolle

Eight years ago, my friend Meg Ryan told me about The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle. It's one of the most transformative books I've ever read; I keep a copy with me wherever I go, flipping through its highlighted pages time and time again. For anyone seeking to lead a more connected, vibrant life, The Power of Now is essential reading, and Eckhart's follow-up books—Stillness Speaks and A New Earth—explain the core principle that has resonated so deeply with me and thousands of others: The only moment we ever really have is this one. Happiness isn't in the future or the past, but in mindful awareness of the present.

Eckhart Tolle and the Christian Tradition
By Richard Rohr, OFM

Although Eckhart Tolle is arousing great interest today, many think he is a novelty, New Age, or even non-religious. The process—and that is what it is—that he is teaching, can be traced through the Greek and Latin traditions of contemplation, the apophatic tradition in particular, and the long history of what was sometimes called "The Sacrament of the Present Moment" (Brother Lawrence, OCD, Francisco de Osuna, OFM, Jean Pierre de Caussade, S.J.).

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